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My name is Laura and I live in Shrewsbury with my family including three children.

I have many years experience of working in nurseries with ages 0-5 years. The past eight years I have gained more experience with babies, as I have worked as a Baby Room Leader and have a BA Hons in Early Years Leadership.

Through having my three boys I have attended many playgroups and although there is a variety of what they offer, there is a gap in the market for a messy, fun playgroup with lots of crafts involved.

Why is messy play important?

In each child’s learning they are very curious about the world around them, using their senses to explore. Through a variety of experiences and opportunities, children can use their senses and imagination even from a young age. Messy play encourages fun to a child’s learning and encourages them to become involved and when in a group activity, it benefits their social learning.

All areas of learning are encouraged through messy play: through physical opportunities to explore different materials and learning about different textures such as hard, soft, rough and smooth. Children are encouraged to listen and learn new words when exploring messy play activities. Personal, Social and Emotional Development is explored through group activities and investigating messy play with others.

Literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design are all in evidence of messy play. Children love to discover, investigate, experience fun and experience with their senses.

Children learn through play, particularly through exploratory play which involves experimenting and their curiosity.

My aim for “Ready, Steady, Let’s get Messy” is for a child to enjoy, explore, and experience lots of fun! At Ready, Steady, Let’s get Messy we believe that providing different themes for babies and toddlers to meet their age and stage of development will encourage their curiosity and encourage independence to explore each of their senses.

Please feel free to have a look at examples of messy play and themes that each child will have interest in and involves various fun ideas!

Ready Steady Let’s Get Messy has won both a Business for Children Award and a Mayor of Shrewsbury Award.